Wizz Air Reveals Pricing for Wizz Multipass Season Ticket

Hungarian airline, Wizz Air, is set to launch a new product, the Wizz Multipass, which is essentially a season ticket for certain flights. The passes will be available for international routes from Poland and domestic Italian flights, and the cost of the passes has reportedly been leaked. According to, there will be two types of season tickets available: either one-way or return tickets with a 6-month subscription. The basic monthly pass will cost HUF 19,500 and 39,000 (EUR 5.22 and 105.33) for the Polish version and HUF 13,700 and 27,400 (EUR 37 and 73.99) for the Italian version. In return, subscribers will receive a voucher for one flight ticket per month (one-way or return) which can be redeemed for flights departing in 5 days at the earliest. The season tickets can also be extended at an extra cost. However, the Multipass is a six-month commitment which cannot be cancelled before that, and monthly tokens cannot be carried over to the next month.


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