Xi Jinping Highlights China’s Eurasian Ambitions at SCO Summit

China’s influence in Eurasia is resurging, as leaders from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) gather for a two-day summit in Kazakhstan. The SCO, which includes members such as China, Russia, India, and Iran, has been expanding its reach beyond Central Asia and into the wider Eurasian region.

Initially focused on settling borders and regional security, the SCO has evolved into a platform for economic development and counterterrorism. With the recent admission of Belarus, the organization is growing in importance and stature.

China and Russia’s cooperation within the SCO has strengthened, as both countries aim to counter Western influence and enhance their regional power. This partnership has become even more significant in light of Russia’s isolation following the conflict in Ukraine.

Despite its size and reach, the SCO’s impact is largely symbolic, providing an alternative to the U.S.-led system and positioning China as a leader in the Global South. However, challenges remain, including internal rivalries between member states like India and Pakistan, as well as concerns about transforming the organization into a more effective policy forum.

In other news from Eurasia, NATO’s attention is turning towards China, with a special session planned at an upcoming summit in Washington. Central European countries like Poland and Hungary are reengaging with China, while infrastructure projects involving Chinese investment are on the rise in Central Asia.

As China’s influence grows across the Eurasian supercontinent, the region is witnessing new developments in trade, energy, and geopolitics. The dynamics between China, Russia, and other key players will continue to shape the landscape of Eurasia in the coming years.



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