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“Your Ultimate Guide to Voting: Step-by-Step”

As Turkey prepares for the Presidential Election and the 28th Term Parliamentary Election tomorrow, voters will be taking part in a six-step process to cast their votes.

The Turkish electorate will begin by presenting their identification card at the polling station and receiving their ballot paper. They will then proceed to a screened booth where they will cast their vote in secret.

After marking their ballot paper, voters will fold it and place it in an envelope. They will then seal the envelope and place it into the ballot box.

Once all the votes have been cast, the ballot boxes will be closed and transported to the High Electoral Board (YSK) under tight security measures.

At the YSK, the envelopes will be opened and the ballot papers will be checked for validity. Any ballot papers that are deemed invalid will be set aside and the valid votes will be counted.

Finally, the results will be announced and the winning candidates will be revealed.

As the country prepares for this significant event, officials are urging voters to exercise their democratic right and participate in the process. Security measures have been heightened to ensure the safety and fairness of the election.

The results of the Presidential Election and the Parliamentary Election will determine the future direction of Turkey, and all eyes will be on the country as it waits to hear the outcome.


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