“YSK Announces Criteria for Invalid Votes: What to Know”

Invalid Votes in Elections: What to Avoid

As elections approach, it is important for voters to be informed about what makes their vote valid or invalid. The Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has recently released guidelines on the common mistakes that can render a vote invalid.

One of the most common mistakes voters can make is stamping the seal on more than one alliance, party, or candidate that is not in the same alliance. To avoid this, voters must ensure that they properly stamp either the “YES” or “PREFERENCE” seal on the candidate of their choice.

Tearing or damaging the ballot paper in any way, such as writing special signs, names, signatures, stamps, or fingerprints other than the seal, will also render the vote invalid. Voters must handle the ballot paper with care to maintain its integrity.

Moreover, any clear scribbles, scratches, or marks on the ballot paper or any items in the envelope that serve as a sign can also invalidate the vote. Voters must fill out the ballot paper completely and ensure that everything is legible and understandable.

It is crucial for voters to understand the guidelines to ensure that their votes count. The COMELEC reminds everyone that every vote counts, and they must do their part in ensuring a fair and honest election.


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