Zelensky and Meloni meet to talk about the war in Rome

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy held a joint press conference in Rome on February 24, 2022, following a 70-minute meeting in the prime ministry. Meloni stated that Italy supports the integrity of Ukraine and wants to continue providing 360-degree support for as long as necessary and beyond. She emphasized the need for a diplomatic solution and urged Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine. Meloni also expressed her support for Zelenskiy’s 10-point peace formula and stated that it’s an obligation for Italy to support Ukraine’s entry into the European Union.

Zelenskiy thanked Italy for its support and hosting Ukrainian immigrants and mentioned their cooperation in the military field. He called on the international community to help return the 200,000 abducted children to Ukraine and expressed their desire to join the EU. Zelenskiy also had some expectations from the NATO Summit. He then went to the Vatican City State to meet with Pope Francis after completing his contacts in Italy.

Meanwhile, according to Italian press, the websites of some state institutions, including the Italian Ministry of Interior, were subjected to a cyber attack by Russian hackers during Zelenskiy’s visit. Zelenskiy is expected to go to Germany next in his European tour.


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