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Zelensky’s Critical Visit Marks a First since Beginning of War

Ukrainian President Zelensky made a critical visit to Italy to discuss the ongoing war with Russia and seek a diplomatic solution. Zelensky’s meetings with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni saw them pledge their full support for Ukraine both in the short and long terms, with Meloni calling on Russia to withdraw immediately from the conflict. Zelensky also urged Italian political leaders and civil society representatives to visit Ukraine and understand the impact of the war.

After meeting with Italian leaders, Zelensky visited the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis, who offered to mediate in the conflict and is working on a peace plan. Zelensky expressed gratitude for the Pope’s personal attention to the tragedy faced by millions of Ukrainians and mentioned the tens of thousands of children forced to leave the country. He highlighted the need to condemn the crimes committed and called for a just peace through the ‘Peace Formula’, which he hopes to practice.

This marks Zelensky’s first visit to Italy since the start of the war, which continues to take a heavy toll on the Ukrainian people.


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