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‘Delayed Start for ‘Pace Planting’ Initiative’

Gömeç, a farmer in Turkey, has stated that the rainy weather has halted the plowing process, and they have resorted to using tractors to hoe with water. This method is due to the excessive rainfall that causes problems in tillage and increases costs. Gömeç and his brothers are planting 300 acres of land but face challenges due to the canal built-in 1976 that is no longer functional after 50 years. Gömeç is urging the government to build a concrete canal to irrigate 2500 acres of land.

Despite these challenges, last year, the harvest was very good, and their government gave a good price that pleased the farmers. But seasonal conditions always affect the rice business in Turkey. The temperature differences between day and night have been significant for the last 5-6 years, and this makes the farming process unpredictable. Gömeç remains optimistic that they will experience a fruitful year and crop season.


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