Brazilian President Condemns Violence in Gaza as Potential Genocide

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva has once again spoken out against Israel’s attacks on Gaza, calling them “genocide” at…

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Johnny Depp’s Friendship with Prince Salman: Actor Responds to Questions About Khashoggi Murder

World-Famous Actor Johnny Depp and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Establish Close Friendship In a surprising turn of…

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Focus on Ukraine at UN Security Council

A session was held at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to mark the second anniversary of Russia’s attacks on…

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Former Austrian Prime Minister Sentenced to Prison for False Statements in Ibiza Scandal

Former Austrian Prime Minister found guilty of making false statements in “Ibiza scandal” In a high-profile case at the Vienna…

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Unexploded Bomb Transported 2.3 Kilometers Through City Streets

A 500-kilogram bomb from World War II was safely disposed of in the city of Plymouth, UK Devon and Cornwall…

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Arab Countries Planning to Integrate Hamas into PLO, Israeli Press Reports

Recent reports from Israeli state television KAN have shed light on ongoing negotiations in Paris between Israel and Hamas regarding…

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