Blue Pearl Ice Festival Set for March 2 and 3

The “Blue Pearl” ice festival is set to take place in Khatgal village of Khuvsgul province on March 2-3, with…

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Discovering 15 Meltwater Spate Locations in Ulaanbaatar

The arrival of spring in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia has brought the yearly challenge of managing the meltwater spate…

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Minister of Justice to Lead Anti-Corruption Operation ‘5 Sh’

Mongolian Minister of Justice to Lead “5 Sh” Operation Against Corruption The fight against corruption in Mongolia has taken a…

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Massive Livestock Export to Gulf Countries

Mongolia Sees Five-Fold Increase in Meat Exports Gankhuleg.M, Deputy Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, has revealed that Mongolia…

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Mongolian National Basketball Team to Compete in Asian Championship

The Mongolian national basketball team is gearing up for a crucial match against the Chinese national team today, with the…

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Transitioning Health Sector Paper Services to Electronic Platform

The Ministry of Health has announced that starting May 1, 7 types of paper services, including Pregnancy control card, Ambulatory…

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