Israeli Withdrawal from Zeytun District in Gaza Leads to Casualties and Destruction

The recent withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from the Zeytun District and surrounding neighborhoods in Gaza has uncovered the devastating impact of the week-long attack on Palestinian homes and lands. The aftermath of the attack reveals a landscape of destruction, with ruined cars, buildings, blown-up residences, and signs of bullets and explosions littering the streets.

The Civil Defense Unit reported that more than 200 houses and health centers were destroyed in the Zeytun and Sabra neighborhoods, with the only health clinic in Zeytun suffering damage. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing as teams work to recover bodies and assist the injured.

One of the most tragic incidents was the bombing of the Sabra Health Clinic, where many displaced people were seeking shelter. Numerous casualties were reported, including women and children who were targeted by the Israeli army.

Palestinian residents spoke out about the horrific impact of the attacks, with one resident sharing the discovery of bodies, including children and women, underneath the rubble of the clinic. The destruction and fear in the area are palpable, with residents calling for an end to the relentless attacks on innocent civilians.

The targeting of civilian infrastructure and shelters highlights the urgent need for a resolution to the conflict in Gaza. The international community is urged to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and support efforts to bring peace to the region. It is clear that the devastation caused by these attacks has left a lasting impact on the residents of Zeytun District and serves as a reminder of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


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