Early Start to Watermelon Season Leads to Promising Export Growth

Watermelon Season Starts Early This Year in Hungary

The watermelon season in Hungary has started two weeks earlier than usual this year, with no frost damage affecting the crops. Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy, shared this news in a video on his social media platform, as reported by Index.

There has been a significant increase in watermelon exports over the past few years, accompanied by a strong domestic demand. On average, each person in Hungary consumes 10-12 kilograms of watermelons and 1.5-2.2 kilograms of melons annually. In 2024, 1,198 producers will be cultivating watermelons and 269 will be growing melons across a total of 3,665 hectares for watermelons and 436 hectares for melons—a growth from the previous year.

Minister Nagy is optimistic about a successful watermelon harvest of 160-180,000 tons this season, thanks to favorable weather conditions. He also highlighted the ideal weather conditions for melons, ensuring high-quality Hungarian melons in stores.

In terms of watermelon exports, there was a significant increase in 2023, reaching 47,000 tons—an 85% rise in value compared to the previous year. The Minister outlined plans to further expand exports, focusing on neighboring markets such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, utilizing Hungary’s advantageous geographic location for cost-effective transportation to these destinations.

Overall, it appears to be a promising season for watermelons and melons in Hungary, with high-quality produce available for both domestic consumption and international markets.



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