“GİAD Hosts ‘Developing Business Networks’ Event”

Northern Cyprus Young Businessmen Association (GİAD) organized an event titled “Developing Business Networks” with the aim of increasing cooperation between business people in Northern Cyprus. The event was held on Thursday at the Pia Bella Hotel and was attended by GİAD members, young business people, and KTTO Women Entrepreneurs Council (KGK) members.

During the opening speech, GİAD President Orhan Gavani stressed the importance of domestic trade. KGK President Meryem Çerkez Gürtünç also expressed her excitement for future cooperation with GİAD in the coming days. The event was sponsored by the Pia Bella Hotel, and Corporate Marketing Manager Özgür Çakmak from Telsim Vodafone presented proposals for applications and solutions to be created for business people within the scope of 4.5G service.

In addition, GİAD Vice President Gizem Muhtaroğlu presented the activities and projects targeted during the 23rd term of GİAD, and all participants were given the chance to introduce their businesses for 2 minutes. The event was attended by more than 50 business people and ended with a cocktail.

The event was organized to increase cooperation and to develop new business networks among the young business people of Northern Cyprus. It provided an excellent opportunity for participants to share their experiences and ideas while creating new business connections.


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