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Istanbul Airport’s Website and App Revamped – Latest Update

Istanbul Airport (IGA) has unveiled a fresh new look for its website and mobile application, aiming to create a simpler and more engaging interface for users. The website, now available in seven languages, has been completely transformed, with new features including real-time updates on the density of queues at the terminal entrance, passport and domestic lines control waiting areas, as well as car park availability data, and a “Where is my car” feature for forgetful travellers. The website also offers detailed information about shopping and eating areas, including filtering and categorisation systems, and easy access to the location of cafes, restaurants and shops with 360-degree maps and terminal maps.

The new mobile app also features a personalised “IGA Pass” screen, with a range of packages and services displayed separately, and remaining rights and quantities presented in detail. An interactive “Follow Your Love” function provides an increased level of interaction between users.

According to IGA, the redesign aims to create a feeling of privilege for users, with an emphasis on ease of use and visual appeal. The user experience will continue to be improved with new features and updates designed to make travel through Istanbul’s airport more comfortable and convenient.


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