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Mehmet Sevigen Offers Insight on Where Ince’s Votes May End Up

Muharrem İnce, the chairman of Turkey’s Homeland Party, has withdrawn from the country’s presidential race, according to statements made by 23rd Term CHP Deputy Mehmet Sevigen during a live broadcast on CNN Türk. Sevigen said that İnce had been overwhelmed, citing disagreements within the party and blocked signatures as possible reasons for his withdrawal. İnce established a normal party and aimed to establish politics with new people, but became lonely outside of politics. Sevigen described how he believed İnce, as a rival of Kemal Bey, could affect the Kemalist party, creating an impression that Kemal Bey would lose. Sevigen also addressed concerns over the effect that İnce’s withdrawal would have on the country’s parliamentary elections and emphasized the importance of resistance and unity within the party.


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