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Minister Varank Arrives Via Motorcycle to Meet Togg at Airport

Minister Varank, who is also a regional deputy candidate for AK Party in Bursa, Turkey, recently met with motor sports enthusiasts at Bursa Yunuseli Airport. He arrived at the airport wearing a Teknofest coat and led a convoy of motorcycles. During the visit, he examined the vehicles of young people exhibiting their cars and motorcycles in different categories. The motorcyclists presented Minister Varank with a red biker vest featuring Atatürk and the Turkish flag.

Varank then followed the show of young people representing Bursa in the extreme enduro category and asked motorsport enthusiasts at the airport if they wanted to skate with Togg or try. When the answer was yes, the Togg T10X entered the bridal car and soldier entertainment before drifting with the Bursa drift pilot, Deniz Dursun. Minister Varank accompanied Deniz Dursun as a co-pilot during the drive in the safe zone. The area was filled with the Cappadocia color Togg T10X, and Varank later toured in a classic Mercedes.

Varank also announced that Yunuseli Airport would be opened to modifications twice a month. He stated that they often come together with young people in Bursa and heard their voice requesting to exhibit their modified vehicles by obeying the rules and laws, without disturbing the environment. Together with Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, they opened Yunuseli Airport to young people’s use. They will be able to exhibit their vehicles and spend their time there as they please.

Minister Varank expressed his commitment to young people and followed the show and trainings of Bursa Motorcycle Club at Yunuseli Airport. He hopes that the decision to open the airport to modifications can be an example for Turkey. Varank also shared a video on his social media account, stating that they kept the promise they made to our young friends in Özlüce Tepe and Oxygen markets. They opened Yunuseli Airport to young people twice a month.


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