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Neighbor held captive for 28 years: Man detained

A Shocking Discovery in Algeria: Man Missing for 30 Years Found in Neighbor’s Sheep Pen

In a bizarre turn of events, a man who had been missing for about 30 years was discovered in a sheep pen at his neighbor’s house in the city of Al-Qadid, located in Celfe province, Algeria. The shocking revelation came to light when a person approached the chief prosecutor’s office on May 12 to report the unusual discovery.

The Judicial Council of Celfe province released a written statement confirming the incident and detailing the subsequent actions taken. Following the report, a thorough investigation was launched, leading judicial law enforcement teams to the house in question. It was during the search of the premises that the missing person, identified as Omar bin Umran, was finally found.

The 61-year-old owner of the house, where Bin Umran was discovered, was promptly taken into custody as authorities delved deeper into the case. The prosecutor’s office issued instructions to provide medical and psychological care for the victim, while also ensuring the suspect will be referred to the prosecutor’s office once the investigation is completed.

The images and videos capturing the moment of the detainee’s discovery, showing him in a distressing state wearing tattered clothes and sporting a thick beard, quickly circulated on social media platforms in the country. Activists also shared a video showcasing the harrowing scene of Bin Umran being found in a pit covered with straw.

According to reports from activists, Bin Umran was abducted in 1996 at the age of 16, with his family believing he had been kidnapped and potentially assassinated by armed groups operating in Algeria during the 1990s. The sudden reappearance of Bin Umran has left many in shock and disbelief as the investigation continues to unfold with utmost diligence in accordance with the law.



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