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Soldier’s contract terminated after incident

Investigation Reveals Stone-Throwing Attacker as FETÖ Member

The stone-throwing incident that occurred during a funeral procession in Erzurum has revealed that one of the attackers was Expert Sergeant M. Akif Keleş, a member of the FETÖ terrorist organization. Keleş claimed to have thrown coins in response to people from the other side making a victory sign and shouting PKK slogans. Though he expressed regret for his involvement, an investigation was launched against Keleş for being a member of an armed terrorist organization.

The investigation led to Keleş’s termination from the Infantry Specialist Sergeant position at Erzurum Central Command. The Erzurum Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office found no place for an investigation into Keleş’s alleged membership in a terrorist organization. However, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu noted confusion over Keleş’s involvement due to his previous affiliation with FETÖ.

In a deeper investigation, teams also discovered that Eşref A.’s father was in the administrative staff of Istanbul FETÖ, and his older brother was Yasir A., ​​who currently manages the “Fuat Avni” account in Sweden. The person responsible for making provocative posts about the events on social media was revealed to be affiliated with the organization as well.

The stone-throwing incident has shed light on the continued presence of FETÖ members and supporters in the country. The authorities are working to identify and take action against those involved in their efforts to maintain the peace and security of the nation.


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