Possible new title: Government considering abolishing regulation of coal prices

Uzbekistan Set to Transition to Market-Based Coal Pricing Uzbekistan is gearing up to transition to market-based pricing for coal as…

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Kyrgyzstan and Google Partner for Education Advancement

Kyrgyzstan Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Google for Education In a landmark agreement, the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan has…

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Fenerbahçe’s European Tour: Last Minute Sports News

Fenerbahçe Prepares for UEFA Europa Conference League Quarter-final Rematch Fenerbahçe is gearing up to face Greece’s Olympiakos team tomorrow in…

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Security Meeting with Iraqi Officials at the Border Line in the Claw-Kilit Region! | NTV

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President Erdoğan’s Meeting with Constitutional Court President Dominates Last Minute News in Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently met with the President of the Constitutional Court (AYM), Zühtü Arslan, at the Beştepe presidential…

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Iranian Foreign Minister Calls Off Retaliatory Action – Last Minute World News

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Abdullahiyan made a bold statement at the United Nations Security Council, declaring that Iran’s focus on…

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