“The Roles and Responsibilities of a Witness: Understanding the Duties of an Observer”

What are the Duties of Election Observers?

As the Turkish Presidential General Elections approach, people are eagerly anticipating the results. During this time, it is important to remember the role of election observers in making sure the election process runs smoothly and unbiasedly.

According to Article 27 of the Electoral Regulation, election observers must check the eligibility of voters who come to cast their votes by verifying their identity documents, confirming that the person in the photo on the ID matches the voter, checking the voter’s registration status in the electoral list, and verifying if they have voted before based on previous election records.

Election observers should also ensure that voters sign only opposite their names on the ballot list. In case a voter does not sign, this should be noted in the observer’s report. Additionally, observers should keep track of the number of eligible voters in the polling station and verify the identities of those who come to the polling station after the voting time has ended.

It is essential that election observers make sure that the number of envelopes and the number of voters who have cast their votes match. Observers should also confirm that the ballots have been counted correctly, and the votes are written for the right alliance, party, or candidate. If any invalid ballot papers or envelopes are found, these should be packed separately.

Election observers should also keep an eye out for any ballot papers that could be considered invalid due to, for example, being torn, scratched, marked, or showing more than one alliance or candidate. Furthermore, observers should verify that the part of the ballot box results minutes that shows the total number of votes has been filled in correctly and that the results have been signed and sealed.

In summary, election observers play a crucial role in ensuring that elections are held in a fair and democratic way. They must report any irregularities or issues that they may encounter during the election process to ensure the integrity of the elections.


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