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Turkish Minister Nebati Talks on Inflation Struggles in Latest CNN Turk Interview

Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance and AK Party Mersin deputy candidate, Nureddin Nebati, recently spoke on several issues during an interview on CNN Türk. Nebati discussed the recent increase in public worker salaries by 45%, stating that measures have been taken to prevent workers and low-income groups from being impacted by inflation. He also mentioned that the budget is strong for the year ahead and there is no resource problem.

In regards to retiree salary, Nebati stated that they have a mission to ensure those on a salary of 7500 TL can live comfortably, and they will be working on a solution come July 15th.

On the topic of inflation, Nebati talked about the decrease in inflation rates and how Turkey is seeing a fall in oil prices, fertilizer prices, and exchange rates. As a result, food prices are expected to be more normal this summer. Nebati also dismissed claims made about TurkStat data, stating that the institution is centuries-old and based on an accepted system by international institutions.

Finally, Nebati addressed concerns about the exchange rate and the recent policy to deposit foreign currency in the bank for future use. He also criticized political promises made by the opposition, stating that their promises must be realistic.


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