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“UK exports Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine”

UK Supplies Ukraine with Long-Range Missiles to Defend Against Russian Attacks

Britain has supplied Ukraine with long-range missiles that Ukraine has requested in order to defend itself against Russian attacks. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed in a statement in the House of Commons that long-range missiles had been supplied to Ukraine, stating that these weapons would give Ukraine “the best chance” to protect itself. Wallace declared that Russia continues to target civilian infrastructure in Ukraine in violation of international law, and that Ukraine has the right to defend itself against it.

Wallace explained that the UK’s decision to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles was largely based on Russia’s continuing aggression towards Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. Wallace added that the missiles would be used on Ukrainian sovereign territory to push back Russian forces. The British-made Storm Shadow missile has a range of over 250 kilometers and can descend to low altitudes to avoid enemy radar before locking onto its target during launch.

Earlier this year, in a letter to his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, British Defense Secretary Wallace had warned that Russia’s continued attacks could lead Britain to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons. In February, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had stated that the UK was willing to send long-range missiles to Ukraine, expressing that both countries must help protect Ukrainian cities from Russian bombs and Iranian drones. Sunak explained that the UK would be the first country to supply Ukraine with these longer-range weapons.

These missile supplies come as tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, with ongoing battles in the eastern Donbas region and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. The UK’s support of Ukraine is one of several actions taken by Western powers in response to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine.


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