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Babacan: The Next Election is Anything but Ordinary

Ali Babacan, the chairman of the DEVA party, attended a program called the ‘People’s Gathering’ in front of his party’s provincial building in Siirt. The program was attended by parliamentary candidates, provincial heads of the Nation Alliance parties, and citizens. During his speech, Babacan accused the bureaucracy staff of the central government and the ministries of working together with the ruling party. He also emphasized that it was time to say goodbye to the current government, which fails to control the skyrocketing prices of basic commodities.

Babacan stated that his party is not just fighting to win an ordinary election; instead, they are campaigning for a system change that would ensure full democracy and sovereignty for the nation. He emphasized that the upcoming election is a crossroads for the country, and the citizens must make a choice to either continue living in a country ruled by one-man or uphold the rights of the nation and ensure full democracy.

Babacan also brought light to the issue of public resources being donated to supporters and the mafia being prevalent in the country. He firmly stated that resources must be spent on ensuring freedom, wealth, and justice for all citizens of the country. Babacan and his party are fighting for a free and rich Turkey, where each citizen can live up to the standard of living that European citizens live.

Siirt city holds great significance for Babacan and his party, as it was here that they successfully paved the way for democracy 20 years ago. Babacan believes that Siirt will play a significant role in upholding democracy once again in the upcoming elections.


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