Çavuşoğlu: Private School Fee Interference Outside Our Authority

Minister of National Education Responds to Criticism Regarding Private School Fees

The Minister of National Education, Nazım Çavuşoğlu, has spoken out against criticism regarding private school fees in a speech at the General Assembly of the Republic. He stated that according to the answers they have received from lawyers, the government does not have the authority to interfere with private school fees.

However, he did note that the state has not made the necessary investments in education, despite imposing compulsory education and setting the goal of equal opportunity. Minister Çavuşoğlu emphasized that school standards should be improved and full-time education should be implemented.

He also addressed the issue of reducing student fees, stating that the government should examine the high cost of private schools, which was around 4,000 dollars last year and has increased to 6,000 deficit dollars this year. However, he noted that the main task is to strengthen the infrastructure of the state’s own schools and eliminate the need for citizens to send their children to private schools.

Minister Çavuşoğlu acknowledged that it is not possible to absorb all students from private schools into public schools at once, but emphasized the government’s responsibility to create education opportunities for everyone. He said that if 12,000 students were to switch to state schools, it would require a switch to a secondary education system immediately.

Furthermore, Çavuşoğlu addressed families who may be struggling to afford private school fees. He reassured them that their children should not be at risk of failure should they choose to return to public schools.

The Minister emphasized that private schools should not raise children to legendary success while public schools lag behind, stating that he has never accepted this approach and will never do so. Despite the challenges, Minister Çavuşoğlu remains committed to creating a fair and accessible education system for all students.


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