Electricity Tariff to be Changed Annually, says Taalaibek Baigaziev

Electricity Tariff in Kyrgyzstan to be Changed Once a Year, Says Chairman of National Energy Holding

The Chairman of the Board of the National Energy Holding, Taalaibek Baigaziev, announced at a press conference that changes to the medium-term tariff policy for 2023 have already been adopted and will enter into force. He also stated that the electricity tariff will be changed only once a year from now on. The State Agency for Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Complex is in charge of setting pricing policy, and while there may be some adjustments, no changes to the tariff are planned.

The electricity rate for the population has been increased by 23 tyiyns, up to 1 som per kilowatt-hour. Baigaziev noted that the adjustment of the medium-term tariff is a political decision, and while the increase is only 23 tyiyns, more was required. In previous years, the state provided support for the population through increasing wages, pensions, and benefits to offset tariff increases.

The increase in tariffs is expected to bring 2.4 billion soms to the budgets of energy companies. The funds will be used to reconstruct and construct networks for new housing estates, build new and reconstruct old lines, switch to self-insulating wires, install more than 200 new transformer substations, and replace about 300. These measures will improve the network economy in general.

Baigaziev reassured consumers that the adjustment of the tariff is a one-time event and that no further changes are planned. However, could change if the State Agency for Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Complex decides otherwise.


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