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“Homeland Party offers Insurance for Country and Kemalists”

Muharrem İnce, the leader of the newly formed Homeland Party, has been busy campaigning ahead of upcoming elections in Turkey. During a recent rally in Muğla, İnce urged young people to persuade their families to support the party. He praised the energy and enthusiasm of young people at his rallies, telling them that they would “seize the fate of the country.” İnce emphasized that the Homeland Party is a Kemalist party and highlighted the fact that they had fielded 4 presidential candidates and parliamentary candidates in recent elections. He also criticized the main opposition party, the CHP, for having former AKP members and HDP members on its lists. İnce visited the market in Muğla and spoke with local traders after giving his speech. The Homeland Party will be hoping to make a strong showing in the upcoming elections.


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