Minister Akar Addresses Anti-Terrorism Efforts in Official Statement

Turkey’s Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, attended a Mother’s Day event organized by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. During the event, Akar met with the mothers of the martyrs and highlighted the efforts being taken by the government to support the families of martyrs and veterans. He also spoke about the importance of protecting the nation and fighting terrorism. Akar stated that Turkey is determined to remove the scourge of terrorism and that they are after the terrorists who fled to the north of Iraq and Syria. The Defense Minister emphasized the need for stability and continuity of investments for the fight against terrorism. Akar also urged the citizens to use their foresight in choosing their leaders and protecting the gains that have been made. Akar asked the audience if they were re-electing their President and sending the Presidential Alliance to the Parliament with the highest vote rate, to which the crowd answered “yes”. After his speech, Akar left the event with the appreciation and affection of the citizens.


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