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Minister Dönmez Shares Insight on Gabar Oil Impact on Prices – Latest News Update

Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Fatih Dönmez, recently highlighted the strengths of the city of Eskişehir and its potential for future development. During a visit to the city, which is known for its mining, culture, and tourism projects, Dönmez identified five critical areas for investment: technology, industry and production; infrastructure; human resources; and culture and tourism.

Eskişehir is home to three state universities, making it a prominent university city. The city also has a strong agricultural sector and can irrigate more than half of its lands. Dönmez plans to introduce a special program for young people, aiming to provide career opportunities and help industrialists find workers.

In addition to its existing industry, the city boasts a range of valuable natural resources. Eskişehir has been producing boron and the world’s best quality pipe for years. It was also discovered last year that the city has the world’s second-largest rare earth reserves, with the potential for a much larger-scale plant to be opened soon. The lithium facility is also in its final preparation stages, offering a new source of production for Eskişehir locals.

Dönmez also announced a significant find of gas reserves in the Black Sea. The reserves have an economic equivalent of $500 billion and will help to increase the rate of domesticity. There is also the potential for the Gabar oil reserve to contribute positively to pump prices, which are expected to benefit Turkey overall.

Eskişehir looks set to continue its valuable contribution to Turkey’s economy, attracting investment and encouraging further exploration and development of its natural resources.


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