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Italy Records Low Number of Births and High Number of Deaths in 2021, Pope Francis Addresses the Issue

New data from the Italian statistical agency shows that in 2021, there were less than 400,000 births and more than 700,000 deaths recorded in the country. These figures have caused concern for the future of the country and have led to Pope Francis addressing the issue at a recent event in Rome.

During the event, the Pope stated that “births are the main indicator of measuring the hope of a people,” and that if fewer children are born, it leads to economic and social consequences and undermines confidence in the future. He described the low birth rate as a matter of great concern and added that “we must be careful.”

The Pope also shared a moment he had during a reception at the Vatican where a woman asked him to bless her child, only to reveal that she had a small dog in her bag instead. He used this as an example of how society has become less focused on children and more preoccupied with other things.

The Pope’s speech also addressed the issue of immigration, criticizing the anti-immigration stance of the current Italian government. He stated that accepting immigrants and encouraging births should not be portrayed as opposing each other, as both are essential for the future of the country.

The low birth rate in Italy is not a new issue and has been a concern for several years now. It has been attributed to a number of factors, including a struggling economy, a lack of family-friendly policies, and a cultural shift towards choosing careers and individualism instead of parenthood.

The issue of low birth rates is not unique to Italy. Several countries in Europe are experiencing a similar trend, with an ageing population and declining birth rates leading to potential economic issues in the future. It remains to be seen what steps will be taken to address this issue in Italy and other countries facing a similar situation.


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