Reduced Minimum Taxi Travel Cost through “Ynamly taksi” App

Starting from February 5, 2024, residents and visitors in Ashgabat will benefit from a reduced minimum fare when using the Ynamly taksi mobile application to call for a taxi. The Turkmenavtoulaglary Agency has announced that the minimum fare has been lowered to 15 manats.

This decision is expected to make transportation more convenient and affordable for individuals in the city. The Ynamly taksi mobile application has been gaining popularity for its ease of use and efficient service, and the reduction in minimum fare is likely to further attract customers.

By lowering the minimum fare, the Turkmenavtoulaglary Agency aims to encourage more people to utilize the Ynamly taksi mobile application for their transportation needs. The move is also seen as a way to promote the convenience and accessibility of taxi services in Ashgabat.

Overall, the reduction in minimum fare for the Ynamly taksi mobile application is welcomed as a positive development for individuals who rely on taxi services in Ashgabat. It is hoped that this will lead to increased usage of the application and improved mobility for residents and visitors in the city.


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