SoloTürk performs at TEKNOFEST Airshow

The second day of the world’s largest aviation, space, and technology festival TEKNOFEST saw a breathtaking show by SoloTürk. The aerobatic team of the Turkish Air Force added a lot of excitement to the event, which opened its doors to visitors on the second day. However, the show, which was initially planned for the first day, was postponed until the second day due to adverse weather conditions.

TEKNOFEST kicked off at Atatürk Airport, Istanbul, on April 25, and will continue to host visitors until May 1. The event has attracted over a million competitors from all over the world. This year’s TEKNOFEST was organized with the theme of “Future Technologies, Space, and Aviation,” and it aims to inspire younger generations to take an interest in technology and innovation.

The festival features various attractions, including air shows, aviation races, drone competitions, rocket launches, and exhibitions of new technological inventions. Apart from the SoloTürk show, visitors also enjoyed the other aero shows at the event. The extensive exhibition area allowed visitors to take a closer look at the innovative technologies and inventions.

TEKNOFEST has become one of the most important events of its kind in the world and has grown significantly since its inaugural edition in 2018. Each year, it attracts more visitors and participants, providing an excellent platform for technology enthusiasts from different parts of the world to meet, compete, and exchange ideas. With the growing interest in technology and innovation, we can expect many more exciting editions of this festival in the coming years.


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