SUNGUR Successfully Hits its Target

The SUNGUR Air Defense Missile System, developed by ROKETSAN, has recently completed a successful test firing, hitting its target with full accuracy. This achievement was celebrated in a post on ROKETSAN’s official social media account, emphasizing SUNGUR’s effectiveness in air defense and asymmetric warfare capabilities.

In related news, the Turkish Armed Forces received delivery of SUNGUR air defense missiles in February. During the Weekly Press Information Meeting held by the Ministry of National Defense, it was announced that the Land Forces Command had completed inspection and acceptance activities for the Portable Air Defense Missile System and the Armored Wheeled Vehicle Liberator.

The SUNGUR Air Defense System is designed for short-range air defense of mobile and fixed units in battlefield and rear areas. It is compatible with different platform integrations and currently offers configurations for both onboard systems and single soldier use. Furthermore, efforts are underway to integrate SUNGUR missiles into Bayraktar TB2 and AKINCI TİHA.

One key feature that sets SUNGUR apart from other systems is its 8.5 kilometer range air defense missile, equipped with Imaging Infrared Seeker (IIR) technology and a partially penetrating titanium particle warhead for enhanced effectiveness. The system’s propulsion system and advanced sighting capabilities contribute to its overall effectiveness and accuracy in targeting.

With its latest successful test firing and ongoing integration efforts, the SUNGUR Air Defense Missile System continues to demonstrate its capabilities and promising future in Turkey’s defense industry.


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