Architectural Evolution at Iran’s Friday Mosque

The Friday Mosque in Yazd, Iran, is a historical and architectural marvel that reflects the various periods of construction in the region. Originally built in the 12th century during the Seljuk period, the mosque took on its distinctive form in the 14th century during the Ilkhanid period. Over the centuries, additions were made in the 18th and 19th centuries to give the mosque its final shape. With its blue and yellow tiles, the Friday Mosque is one of the symbolic structures of the city of Yazd, situated in the middle of the desert.

Located in the historical part of Yazd, the Friday Mosque is surrounded by a historical market and houses, making it a focal point of the city’s historical settlement. The mosque’s 48-meter double minarets are a prominent feature, visible from almost anywhere in the city. Unlike typical mosques where minarets are located on the right and left, both minarets of the Friday Mosque are positioned on the left side, at the front and back of the mosque.

The minarets, adorned with blue, yellow, and green tiles, stand at a height of 48 meters, making them the tallest minarets in Iran. One minaret features a single staircase, while the other has two separate spiral staircases designed so that individuals using them do not encounter each other. According to a rumor, one minaret was built by a master and the other by two apprentices who were in conflict. To avoid working together, the apprentices built a unique two-storey spiral staircase, allowing them to ascend and descend without crossing paths.

Tourism expert Rahime Gencizade shared stories about the mosque, highlighting its importance as a symbol of unity and solidarity for the people of Yazd. One story recounts how each household donated a brick during the mosque’s construction, emphasizing the community’s unity and collaboration. The Friday Mosque in Yazd not only stands as a testament to the city’s rich history but also serves as a reminder of the collective efforts of its residents in preserving their heritage.


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