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New Waterside Library in Beykoz Attracts Book Lovers with Breathtaking Views

The newly opened Waterside Library in Beykoz, located by the sea and overlooking the Bosphorus, has quickly become a favorite spot for book lovers in the area. With modern spaces designed to cater to the needs of young people, the library can accommodate up to 120 people at a time.

Equipped with a collection of 11 thousand books, including publications from Beykoz Library and Istanbul Library Corner, the library offers a tranquil environment for studying and reading.

Cihan Yıldız, Beykoz Municipality General Coordinator Responsible for Education, expressed his excitement about the library’s opening, noting that they have already welcomed around 9 thousand visitors. The library operates on an online reservation system and provides services 24 hours a day, including a free cafeteria area serving soup, bagels, tea, and lemonade.

Yıldız highlighted the uniqueness of the Waterside Library, stating that it is a first of its kind in Turkey. He emphasized that the library’s location by the Bosphorus makes it a standout attraction, accessible to people of all social statuses.

Young visitors have also shared positive experiences at the library, with one student mentioning how the sea view helps them feel motivated and relaxed while studying. Book lovers of all ages can make appointments to visit the library at any time of the day and borrow books for up to 15 days.

For those looking to stay informed about the latest developments, downloading the NTV application is recommended. The Waterside Library in Beykoz is not just a place for reading and studying but also a serene retreat with stunning views for all visitors to enjoy.


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