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Implementation of Measures to Strengthen Monetary Policy Strategy

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) has recently announced new measures to support its tight monetary policy…

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Hungary Calls for European Space Research Strategy

Hungary’s Push for a Common European Space Research Strategy Orsolya Ferencz, Hungary’s ministerial commissioner for space research, recently emphasized the…

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Collaborative Workshop on Creating a Unified Working Strategy

A workshop focused on developing a collaborative working approach was recently organized in partnership with the Social Services Department of…

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CIS Countries’ Strategy: Fueling Energy Sector Development by 2035

The member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States are working towards developing a strategy for the fuel and energy…

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Kazakh State Counselor Discusses Anti-Gambling Strategy

The Kazakh government recently announced the adoption of a Comprehensive Plan to Combat Illegal Gambling Business and Gambling Addiction for…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Faces Space Crunch: Exit Strategy Uncertain

The Bitcoin Volatility Indicator Shows BTC Price at Its Most Inactive Since February According to recent data, the Bitcoin volatility…

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