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“World’s First: ‘Çakır’ Takes the Stage, Selcuk Bayraktar Shares”

The Turkish defense industry has achieved another milestone as a cruise missile was successfully launched from a SİHA (autonomous armed drone) and hit its target with full accuracy for the first time in the world. Baykar Chairman of the Board of Directors and TEKNOFEST Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar shared the news on his Twitter account and said, “We continue to change world combat paradigms.” The test was conducted with the AKINCI TİHA and the domestically produced ÇAKIR missile, which was equipped with a national engine. Defense Industry President Ismail Demir praised the achievement, calling it a “gift from the defense industry to the Turkish Century.” This new development is expected to provide a significant advantage to the country’s defense capabilities.

This successful test follows the recent launch of the domestically produced GÖZDE ammunition, which also promises to provide a significant advantage to the country. The Turkish defense industry has been making significant strides in recent years, with the development of advanced military technology, such as drones, missiles, and defense systems. These developments, along with the country’s strong military presence, have placed Turkey as a key player in the global defense industry. The success of the recent test is a significant step forward in Turkey’s efforts to secure its position as a leading military power.



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