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47 Terrorists Eliminated in Past Week

The Turkish Armed Forces are intensifying their fight against terrorism with great success and determination, as reported in the latest data from the Ministry of National Defense.

In the past week alone, 47 terrorists were neutralized, bringing the total number of terrorists neutralized since the beginning of the year to a thousand. In a significant development, two PKK terrorists who had fled their hideouts in northern Iraq surrendered at the border post in Habur.

The ongoing Operation Claw-Lock in northern Iraq has also dealt a significant blow to terrorism. During search and scanning activities, a 4-room cave belonging to terrorists was uncovered, containing a plethora of weapons and ammunition. In total, 931 terrorists have been neutralized so far in Operation Claw-Lock, with a substantial amount of weapons and ammunition seized.

In addition to the successful operations against terrorism, the Turkish Armed Forces have also been effective in preventing illegal crossings at the borders. With rigorous border protection measures in place, thousands of individuals attempting to cross illegally have been apprehended, ensuring the security of the border.

The Ministry of National Defense has also expressed its commitment to strengthening international relations, particularly with Ukraine. The recent visit of the Ukrainian Minister of Defense to Ankara was met with enthusiasm, with a focus on supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and preventing tensions in the Black Sea region.

Furthermore, the Ministry of National Defense is also strictly adhering to savings measures while ensuring that there is no impact on its duties and responsibilities in defense and security. These measures are being implemented with sensitivity to ensure the efficient use of resources in the coming period.

Overall, the Turkish Armed Forces continue to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to combatting terrorism and maintaining national security, with significant successes in recent operations and ongoing efforts to strengthen international relations and implement cost-saving measures.



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