Gönyeli Joins the Super League – BRTK

The latest round of matches in the AKSA Super League Play-Out and First League Play-Off and Play-Out has concluded, bringing excitement and drama to fans across Northern Cyprus.

In the 1st League, Gönyeli secured their spot in the Super League by defeating Dem’s Construction Çanakkale. They are now the third team to advance to the top division, joining the likes of Yenicami and China Bazaar Youth Force.

Meanwhile, the Super League Play-Out saw Yenicami and China Bazaar Youth Force successfully avoiding relegation. On the other hand, Küçük Kaymaklı and Mesarya will battle it out in a crucial match on Sunday to secure their place in the league.

In the 1st League Play-Out, Lapta and Maraş will face off in their final matches to determine their fate in the league.

Football fans can expect more thrilling matches and intense competition as the season progresses. Stay tuned for more updates on the AKSA Super League and First League in Northern Cyprus.


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