MSB: Operation Claw-Lock neutralizes 931 terrorists – Last Minute Türkiye News

The Ministry of National Defense (MSB) recently held its weekly information meeting, where they shared some significant updates on the ongoing Claw-Lock Operation. According to the Ministry, a total of 931 terrorists have been neutralized during the operation, with 1,970 weapons and 837,630 ammunition seized. In addition, 2,741 mines and improvised explosives were destroyed, and 1,021 caves and shelters were rendered unusable.

In terms of anti-terrorism operations, the Ministry reported that a thousand terrorists have been neutralized since the beginning of the year, with 47 of them neutralized in the past week alone. Furthermore, two PKK terrorists who had escaped from their shelters in northern Iraq surrendered to the Border Patrol Station in Habur.

The Ministry also highlighted the recent visit of the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Mr. Rustem Umerov, to Ankara. During the meeting, both countries reaffirmed their support for Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity, as well as their commitment to prevent tension in the Black Sea. The renewal of the Black Sea Grain Initiative was also discussed as a way to enhance cooperation between the two nations.

Regarding savings measures, the Ministry assured the public that they are fully committed to complying with administrative savings measures without compromising their duties and responsibilities in the field of defense and security. They emphasized that the savings measures will not impact their operations and that necessary exemptions have been made to ensure the continuity of essential defense and security services. The Ministry affirmed that they will continue to implement the announced savings measures diligently in the future.


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