Taxi Driver Attempts to Assault Female IETT Driver

Taxi Driver Attempts to Attack Female IETT Driver in Istanbul

In a shocking incident in Üsküdar, Istanbul, a taxi driver attempted to attack a female IETT driver by swearing and insulting her, accusing her of not giving way. The disturbing altercation took place in the Bulgurlu District, where the taxi driver allegedly blocked the path of an IETT bus with his vehicle.

After blocking the bus, the taxi driver got out of his vehicle and proceeded to verbally abuse and physically harm the female IETT driver, even punching the windows of the bus. Despite the pleas of passengers on board, the taxi driver continued his aggressive behavior before eventually walking away from the scene.

Following the release of images and videos of the incident on social media, police forces were able to detain the taxi driver known as MVA. As a result of their investigation, the taxi driver was fined a total of 8,509 TL for various traffic violations, including carrying passengers without a valid work permit/license, not following regulations, and disrespectful driving. In addition, the driver’s Public Transport Vehicle Usage Card was revoked indefinitely, and his commercial taxi license was suspended for a 15-period period.

Furthermore, the taxi driver MVA faces charges of “insult” and “threat” and is scheduled to appear in court. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting public transportation workers and following traffic regulations to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.


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