Overnight Hack: 300 Thousand Lira Stolen in 10 Minutes

Mobile banking fraud is on the rise, with one man falling victim to a scam that saw him lose 300 thousand liras in just 10 minutes. Ali Akbaş, a 48-year-old man, had his phone hacked while he was sleeping on May 4. The fraudsters accessed his mobile banking account at 02:47 am and took out a loan in his name. Not stopping there, they also sent approximately 300 thousand lira to different accounts within a short span of time.

When Akbaş woke up in the morning and realized that his phone was not working, he took it to a repair shop. The repairman couldn’t find any faults and formatted the phone, thinking it might have a virus. It was only when Akbaş logged into his mobile banking accounts that he discovered the fraudulent activities. He immediately went to the police and filed a complaint, while also contacting the bank to block his account.

Akbaş, who works for a minimum wage and cannot afford to pay back the stolen money, is seeking help from authorities to shed light on the incident. He explained that his accounts were accessed without his permission, and the transactions were approved as if he had carried them out himself.

The fraudsters transferred the stolen money to second and third-party accounts, making it difficult to trace the funds. Akbaş also mentioned that his emails were intercepted, with the contents being moved to the trash bin without his knowledge.

This incident serves as a warning to everyone to be vigilant about their online security and take necessary precautions to protect their personal information. Mobile banking fraud can happen to anyone, and it’s important to report any suspicious activities to the authorities immediately.


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