Alatau Smart City Embraces Digital Transformation and Automation

ASTANA – Alatau is set to become a smart city with a focus on digitization and automation, as announced by Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry Zhaslan Madiyev during his recent visit to the city on June 8th. This initiative is part of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s vision to develop Alatau into a flagship project, aiming to build a modern integrated metropolis that will serve as an international business hub.

The plan includes the creation of a special economic zone spanning approximately 100,000 hectares, where more than 170 production projects will be established, focusing on priority activities. Information and communication technologies will be integrated across various sectors such as healthcare, transportation, security, and more. High-speed internet access will also be widely available through wired, fiber-optic, and wireless channels.

Minister Madiyev highlighted the implementation of smart technologies in the Almaty Region, including the introduction of a Smart City concept in Konayev. Various technological advancements have already been put in place, such as a single contact center, a payment center, and an electronic ticketing system on buses. Security measures have also been enhanced in schools with the installation of access control systems and surveillance cameras linked to the Police Operational Control Center.

Furthermore, the opening of the regional Alatau Hub signifies a new phase in the development of the IT industry in the Almaty Region. The hub will offer educational and incubation programs, with plans to introduce courses on game development and design basics. Additionally, there are discussions to launch special courses in computer literacy, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

Telecommunications Committee Chairman Yerzhan Meiramov shared plans to improve mobile communications and internet access in the region. Currently, 319 out of 384 settlements in the Almaty Region are connected to 4G, with initiatives in place to expand mobile broadband access to more settlements and enhance quality in border villages through a signed Roadmap for 2023-2027.

With a focus on technological advancements and digital transformation, Alatau is on track to become a cutting-edge smart city that prioritizes innovation and efficiency in all aspects of urban development.


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