Amendment Bill Increases Maximum Prison Sentence for Fatal Traffic Accidents to 14 Years

The Penalty (Amendment) Bill has been approved by the Republic Assembly’s General Assembly, increasing the upper limit of imprisonment in fatal traffic accidents to 14 years.

During an extraordinary meeting, the General Assembly unanimously accepted the Penalty (Amendment) Bill. This amendment expands the court’s discretionary power in determining prison sentences for fatal traffic accidents, raising the maximum imprisonment term from seven to fourteen years.

Furthermore, the bill clarifies the court’s authority to confiscate a driving license or prohibit an individual from holding a license, extending this authority to include learner permits regardless of their country of issuance. The time frame for bringing a driver to court in cases where the driver escapes or is hospitalized has been adjusted to five working days, addressing practical issues that may arise.

The General Assembly discussed the final item on the agenda, the Penalty (Amendment) Bill. The motion for a third discussion at a later date was read and unanimously accepted by the members.

During the meeting, various members of the Committee on Legal, Political Affairs, and Foreign Relations shared their perspectives and concerns regarding the bill. The need for stricter measures to prevent fatal accidents, improvements in road infrastructure, and the importance of public awareness and education were highlighted.

Minister of Public Works and Transportation Erhan Arıklı expressed gratitude for the approval of the bill, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enhancing road safety and addressing traffic-related issues. He also mentioned upcoming legislative initiatives aimed at increasing fines for traffic violations and improving overall traffic management.

The approval of the Penalty (Amendment) Bill marks an important step towards strengthening traffic regulations and promoting safer road practices. As the government continues to prioritize road safety and traffic management, it is essential for all stakeholders to work together towards reducing accidents and improving overall road infrastructure.



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