The Importance of Family: Friday Sermon on May 17, 2024

The Diyanet has announced the subject of the Friday sermon scheduled for May 17, 2024. The sermon will focus on the importance of family and the role it plays in providing peace and security in our lives.

In the upcoming sermon, participants of the Friday prayer will be reminded of the valuable role that family plays in our lives. Family is seen as a blessing from our Almighty Lord, designed to help us navigate the challenges of life together and find solace in each other’s company.

The institution of family is described as a shield against loneliness, a source of God’s mercy, and a means of ensuring the continuity of generations. It is within the family that our faith, character, and way of life are nurtured and developed. Like a plane tree that grows stronger and more beautiful with each passing generation, the family is the foundation upon which our community is built.

The sermon emphasizes the importance of establishing a family through legitimate marriage, where a man and a woman come together to share a life guided by shared values and a commitment to God’s will. The Quranic verse “Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for your wives” highlights the importance of trust, protection, and harmony within the family unit.

In a world where the concept of family is increasingly under threat and traditional values are being challenged, the sermon reminds believers of the inherent human need for family and the importance of cherishing and protecting this fundamental institution. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) serves as a role model, emphasizing the importance of treating one’s family with kindness and respect.

The sermon also highlights the crucial role of young people within the family, describing them as the future and the greatest asset of the community. It is the responsibility of parents and elders to guide and support the youth, helping them navigate the challenges of youth and guiding them towards building their own families in the future.

In conclusion, the sermon calls on believers to embrace the peace and blessings of family life, to uphold the values and teachings of our faith within the family unit, and to pray for families facing hardships and challenges around the world. The importance of gratitude towards our parents and the desire for righteous future generations is emphasized in a final prayer from the Holy Quran.

As we approach the Friday prayer on May 17, let us reflect on the importance of family in our lives and the blessings it brings, and commit to nurturing and protecting our families in the spirit of love, mercy, and unity.


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