New Plant Species Discovered in Munzur Valley Added to Literature

Yıldırım, a botanist, has recently identified and named a new plant species found in the region of Ovacık. The plant has been scientifically named “Campanula quercetorum subsp. densiflora” based on its dense flower structure. Inspired by the region where it was discovered, the Turkish name for the plant is “Ovacık bell”.

The newly discovered plant species stands out from others due to its unique flower color, feather structure, and dense flowers. It has a limited distribution range, making it a rare find. In a world where there are approximately 420 species of bluebells, Turkey plays a crucial role in the diversity of these plants.

Yıldırım highlighted the significance of Turkey in botanical diversity, stating that there are currently 133 bluebell species identified in the country, with 70 of them being endemic species unique to Turkey’s natural habitats. This discovery further emphasizes the importance of preserving the rich biodiversity found in Turkey’s flora.


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