Recognizing When You’re in “Survival Mode”

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired, and on edge? You may be in what is referred to as “survival mode.” This state of being, also known as “safe mode,” occurs when a person is in a constant state of struggle, leading to negative impacts on their quality of life and overall health.

When you are in survival mode, everyday tasks feel urgent, you lack joy and energy, and even simple pleasures like food no longer bring you satisfaction. You may find yourself easily angered, unable to relax, and constantly worrying about the future.

Here are some common symptoms that may indicate you are in survival mode:

– You feel like everything must be done urgently.
– You are not as cheerful as you used to be.
– You always feel tired and exhausted.
– You get angry very quickly.
– Nothing brings you the same level of enjoyment as before.
– Your days feel like they are getting worse, not better.
– You wake up stressed in the morning.
– You struggle to focus and often feel mentally absent.
– Your productivity has decreased, and you avoid responsibilities.
– You are more sensitive, tense, and easily upset.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to take a step back and prioritize self-care. Seeking support from a therapist, practicing mindfulness, and incorporating stress-relief techniques into your daily routine can help you break free from survival mode and improve your overall well-being. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help and prioritize your mental health.


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