20th Annual Cyprus Theater Festival kicks off this Friday, May 17th – BRTK

The twentieth Cyprus Theater Festival, organized by the Nicosia Turkish Municipality, is set to kick off on Friday, May 17th. The festival promises an exciting lineup of plays that will surely entertain theater enthusiasts.

One of the highlighted plays at the festival is the Ankara State Theatre’s comedy play “Women, Elephants, and Saireler”, featuring a talented four-person female cast. This play promises to take the audience on a hilarious journey through the life adventures of women in a truly entertaining way. Tickets for this play can be purchased online at or at the Nicosia Municipal Theater box office.

Following the opening play, the festival will continue with a variety of captivating performances. The lineup includes Antilogos Theatre’s “Mother”, Kumbaracı 50’s “The Other Merchant of Venice”, Van State Theatre’s children’s play “The Magical Prince”, Istanbul City Theatre’s “Witch’s Cauldron”, “The Tail of the Kite”, and the children’s play “Trash-Free World”. Additionally, audience members can enjoy “Tartüf 24” and “Flying Bicycle”, two children’s plays by Nicosia Municipal Theatre.

The festival will come to a close with a powerful and gripping performance of Ankara State Theatre’s “The Killing of Gonzago”. With such a diverse and engaging program, the Cyprus Theater Festival promises to be a must-see event for theater lovers in the region. Be sure not to miss out on this extraordinary celebration of the performing arts!


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