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Geologist and Renaissance art historian Ann Pizzorusso believes she has uncovered the truth behind the mysterious landscape in Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting, the Mona Lisa. The debate surrounding the landscape has long divided art historians, with some claiming it to be purely imaginative, while others have tried to link it to specific Italian locations.

According to a report in The Guardian, Pizzorusso’s unique combination of expertise has led her to identify the features of Lecco, situated on the shores of Lake Como in Italy’s Lombardy region, in the background of the Mona Lisa. She pointed out striking similarities between Leonardo’s depiction of a bridge, a mountain range, and a lake in the painting and the Azzone Visconti bridge, the Alps overlooking Lecco, and Lake Garlate.

Pizzorusso expressed her excitement at this discovery, stating, “I really feel like this is a success.” She emphasized that previous theories focusing solely on the bridge were inadequate, as many arched bridges existed across Italy and Europe. Instead, she highlighted the importance of considering geology, noting the limestone rocks in Lecco and how Leonardo accurately depicted them in the painting.

Contrary to claims linking the landscape to other Italian towns like Bobbio and Arezzo, Pizzorusso stressed the significance of having “perfect evidence” in Lecco, where the geological features align with Leonardo’s portrayal. Her analysis of the vegetation and geology surrounding the figures in the Mona Lisa sheds new light on Leonardo’s attention to detail and accuracy in depicting nature.

This revelation adds another layer to the enigmatic masterpiece, fueling further discussion and debate among art historians and geologists alike. Pizzorusso’s interdisciplinary approach serves as a testament to the value of merging different fields of expertise to unlock the mysteries hidden within timeless works of art.


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