Beijing-Paris Rally Route Includes Kazakhstan

The Beijing-Paris rally, one of the most challenging long-distance rallies in the world, passed through Kazakhstan this year, as reported by the Kazakh Tourism national company’s press service.

Around 100 cars and 16 support vehicles started their journey from the Great Wall of China near Beijing, covering a total distance of 14,500 kilometers. The route goes through China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Türkiye, Greece, San Marino, Italy, and will conclude in Paris, France.

The Peking Paris Motor Challenge, featuring approximately 200 athletes from 27 countries, is renowned for its difficulty and is designed for pre-war and classic cars. This event is organized under the International Federation of Historic Vehicles.

During their time in Kazakhstan, participants explored various cities including Almaty, Shymkent, and Kyzylorda. They also visited notable sites such as a camp near the village of Akespe, the Aral Sea, and the village of Beineu. The rally concluded its journey through Kazakhstan at the Caspian Sea on June 7.

After their time in Kazakhstan, participants planned to send their cars by ferry from the port of Kuryk, while departing the country on a charter plane from Aktau airport.

The Beijing-Paris rally, dating back to 1907, is organized every three years by the London Endurance Rally Association. Only cars older than 1976 are allowed to participate in this historic event. The Paris Motor Challenge is a globally recognized project that garners support from enthusiasts worldwide.


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