Belarus Explores Container Cargo Deliveries via Caspian Sea

Belarusian Prime Minister Visits Astrakhan Region

The Republic of Belarus has shown interest in expanding its cooperation with the Astrakhan region, as Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko led a delegation to the area. The visit was focused on discussing the potential for cooperation, including the development of cargo transportation along the North-South International Transport Corridor (ITC) and the localization of production in the Lotus Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

During a meeting with the governor of the region, Igor Babushkin, the Belarusian delegation explored opportunities for increasing cargo transportation through Astrakhan port facilities. Ambassador Dmitry Krutoy of Belarus to the Russian Federation emphasized the need to establish an effective average tariff for the delivery of goods from Belarus to Astrakhan, Iran, and potentially India via the North-South ITC.

Sergei Milushkin, the Director General of SEZ Lotos JSC, highlighted plans for the development of a port SEZ and the launch of the first stage, which would enable the transshipment of container cargo from Belarus. Milushkin also mentioned the prospect of trial transportation of containers once the checkpoint is launched in the spring.

He expressed readiness to test trial transportation of goods from Belarus along the trans-Caspian route and invited Belarusian partners to consider participating in projects for the second stage of the port SEZ.

The Belarusian delegation’s visit to the Astrakhan region signifies the potential for enhanced collaboration in the transportation and production sectors, with both sides looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the North-South ITC and the Lotus SEZ.

The article was originally published on ORIENT news. The photo is credited to paluba.media.


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