Belarus Joins North-South Trade Corridor

Belarus Included in International North-South Transport Corridor

In a significant development for Belarus, the country has been included in the international North-South transport corridor for the first time. This inclusion will pave the way for test shipments of Belarusian export goods through Iran to other Asian countries along the trans-Caspian route of this corridor in the spring of this year.

The decision was announced following a meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Golovchenko, and CEO of the Lotus Special Economic Zone, Sergey Milushkin, in Astrakhan. As a result of the agreement, initial test shipments will include chemical fertilizers, dairy products, and light industry goods from Belarus through the ports of the Astrakhan region. Subsequently, the list of cargoes will be expanded to include processed wood and certain types of engineering products.

In addition, to enhance the economic efficiency of these shipments, the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Russia, Dmitry Krutoy, proposed the application of an effective average tariff for cargo delivery.

This development marks a key milestone in Belarus’ trade and transport infrastructure, opening up new avenues for the country’s exports and economic growth. As the first test shipments are set to take place in the coming months, all eyes will be on the successful implementation of this new transportation route.

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